Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tea and Blue Ribbon Banana Muffins

Today I want to share with your a family recipe.  I have been making these banana muffins since I was little.  Several times my brothers and I entered them in the county fair and walked away with blue ribbons thanks to my mother's recipe.  My poor recipe card is worn out from the use that it gets.

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I inherited my grandmother's Kitchen Aid Mixer.  It still works like a champ!

I store all of my cupcake wrappers in a Ball Canning Jar in the baking cupboard.  They keep their shape, and the jar is easier to spot than those little packages they come in.

I use my baking scoop to fill the wrappers in the baking pan. It gives them a better shape and a more even size.

I always let my muffins rest on the counter for a few minutes after scooping and before putting them in the oven.  It gives them much nicer crowns.

While my muffins were baking, I tried out some new Chai tea that we got.

Chai tea lattes (tea with lots of milk) are a favorite at our house. This tea was no exception. One big pot of water and the whole family was happy. It has full flavor and is very aromatic. We added raspberry honey.

I also got a new infuser.  This time I tried it on hot tea, but soon I will be doing some iced tea with it.

We are big loose tea drinkers in our house, so this fancy stainless tea set was a must have for us. 

 It provided the option to get variable strengths to fit all our taste buds while giving us a clean cup of tea. I am not a big fan of lots of sediment in the bottom of my tea cut, but I enjoy my tea strong. This fine mesh strainer provided me with the best of both worlds.

I finished baking the muffins, brewed myself a cup of Chai, and enjoyed the quiet.

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